Residential Computer Repair

We offer computer repair services for for both PC and Macs. Whether you are new to using a Mac and just need a brief lesson on using your computer or if your PC is running slow and would like a tune-up, we can help.

We offer drop-off service for computer repair at our Brick, NJ office or if you prefer, we can come right to your house. And if your computer needs to be repaired and has a working internet connection, we can connect to your PC remotely and make the necessary repairs.

Below is our list of a-la-cart computer repair services. If you are unsure of what is exactly wrong with you PC or MAC and would like to discuss your computer repairs needs with a qualified technician, please do not hesitate to give us a call. 877-561-6734

Don’t see your computer need listed here? Just give us a call and we’ll give you a price on the service you need help with.

*Travel times apply for on-site service calls.
**Not all repair and/or diagnostic services are available for remote service calls or certain repair items..
***Diagnostic fee will be waived if the suggested repair work is authorized and performed.

~For concierge service, a technician will disconnect/pick up the computer from the customer's location, perform the required service at our office, bring back the serviced computer and hook it back up as it originally was. We also test to make sure all peripherals and ancillary connections are working properly.

Service Performed Is Not Covered Under Any Warranty or Guarantee. See Our Consulting Services Terms and Conditions